Simple Pea Soup


In keeping with the spirit of this recipe, I'll try to keep this page to the basics as well.

  1. Create some broth

    I always create my broth, separately, before I put the rest of the soup together. There's two reasons for this: 1. You don't have to worry about timing quite as much 2. You can save some of your time by doing this most-time-consuming part basically unattended. 3. You can avoid stray bits of bone or unwanted gristle from making their way into the soup, by filtering after this step.

    I find this convenient to start this step the evening before. (and even possibly let it go all night)

    Put the ham bone, or pork hocks in a soup pan and cover them (mostly) with water. It has to be big enough to fit them side-by-side, but not so big that you have to add lots of extra water.

    Add 2 tsp of salt, 2 bay leaves, and 1 tsp of rosemary.

    Bring to a boil, then cover and simmer it. You can stir occasionally or flip the pork hocks around (e.g. so that different sides spend time fully submersed), but mostly if you have the temperature set right you can just ignore it. You can even do this in the oven (it may be preferable to unattended on the stove).

    When the meat detaches and falls of the bone, you're almost there. (Stir it to test this) Then boil it for another half hour to make sure it's good and done. This will generally take from 2 to 4 hours. You certainly don't need to baby-sit it at this point.

    When done this step, cool it down quick (I've put it outside in the winter-time)(this could be a small challenge) and refrigerate it. (You'll use it the next day when you make the soup)

  2. Make the soup

    If you want to remove any of the fat from the top of the broth, now would be a good time. Otherwise, heat up the soup broth so that it flows great again. (It will be a gel when refrigerated) Take out the bones and meat and put to the side (this could be a little tricky - I use the equivalent of salad tongs), and then filter out the broth from everything else. (e.g. your bay leaves will be in here as well as some meat and little bones probably)

    In a bigger pan, add a carton of chicken broth and then a package of split green peas. Add the filtered broth.

    Now, bring this to a boil... ,aking sure not to disturb it at all. If you don't ever stir it, it prevents most of the stuff that would otherwise burn to the bottom from getting to the bottom in the first place. (If it does get disturbed, you would probably need to constantly stir it through the rest of the process)

    Cover and turn off the heat. Let it sit for a bit while you're preparing the rest.

    Chop up a good-sized stalk (or two smaller) of leak. (more details on how I do it can be added here) I include most of the leak - any part that looks good. I cut it in half and clean it like that before cutting it up all the way. Slice into sub-centimeter slices, and then add it to the soup.

    Also add a couple of cut up onions.. (at one point I used dried onion flakes.. weird)

    Put it in the oven, set at 230F, and leave it for a number of hours.