Rules of Go

Go is a two-player strategy game where you try to capture your opponent's stones and surround as much territory as possible.

  1. Black and White take turns placing stones on the intersections of a square grid.
    A. You can play basically anywhere.*
    B. Stones are not moved once played, but they are removed when they're captured.
  2. A group is a set of stones (of the same color) connected by being next to each other. (being diagonal doesn't count)
  3. Liberties of a group are empty intersections bordering the group.

    In this example, there are 2 black groups and one white group. example A

  4. You capture your opponent's group when you remove all its liberties.

    You remove the captured stone(s) from the board, but keep them for later, because you get an extra point for each of your opponent's stones that you've captured. example A, diagram 2

  5. In example A, if it was White's turn instead, he could escape (avoid capture) by extending his group.

    In this case, black would now need three more moves to fill all the liberties, giving white the opportunity to further extend his group and escape. example A, diagram 3

    (maybe try the capturing game now) - ko (eternity), surrounding, cutting, extending
  6. It is an illegal move to self-capture; You cannot place a stone so that it does not have any liberties at the end of your turn. In this case, white cannot now place a stone in the middle of the black stones. (example of where you can do it - if you capture a stone by doing so)
  7. -- note: i'm not quite finished this page yet. =] --
  8. territory - empty intersections that you [control /] surround (not between black & white)
  9. scoring - captures + territory (can move stones around to make rectangles to count more easily)
  10. (which leads to the Ko rule - that you can't repeat the previous board position)
  11. next (show some examples, including the ladder)
  12. (mock game) surrounding, dead stones, life, ko battle, scoring / points, komi, dame, 2 eyes, passing, end of game
  13. (capturing puzzles & problems) 2 eyes, life, poking, false eye, territory (corner, side, center)
  14. next (just for thorin) drink some green tea
  15. next - dead stones, handicap stones, komi (compensation), seki (mutual life)

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